Who we are

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About us

GSM Media is a software company focused on web and mobile application development offering solutions to your needs. Our aim is to provide services that will help your business grow and develop rapidly. We invent software solutions that solve problems! We need to understand your problem before we can solve it, analyse and iterate to improve. We’ll use feedback loops to incrementally improve designs and occasionally to adjust the course of an entire project. We invest time in crafting elegant, modular design systems. These are easier to implement and maintain in the long term.
GSM Media connects directly to its clients, making their whishes and needs highest priority. Understanding our clients' business we can offer correspondent and complete solution to their needs.


Our Mission

To provide the users with the very best services and solutions, that will enable greater competitiveness, quality and improvement of their business. GSM Media strives toward improving the presence at both, the domestic and the regional market, restructuring for growth and development, as well as expanding its product portfolio.
Securing, maintaining and increasing our customer satisfaction is one of the more important missions that we continuously work on.


Our Team

Since 2000, our experience and commitment to client satisfaction is why GSM Media has a reputation for delivering solid, valuable work. Our team is comprised of highly professional, educated, experienced, talented individuals with varied backgrounds and skills.

Our Approach

We utilize an ecosystem designed to foster creative engineering and successful digital and cognitive transformations, together with a drive to accompany our clients as they Stay Relevant within their industries through research and events.


What we do

We solve your problems with digital solutions.

Our Partners

Our partner ecosystem includes some of the most capable and talented digital leaders to be found in this major.

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